Call Tones

Are call tones just the same as Ringtones?
No! Everybody knows what a ringtone is.
It's what you (and everyone around you) can hear, whenever somebody calls you on your mobile phone.

  • Call tones are what people calling you can hear, instead of the normal "ring-ring".

  • Your call tones can be in the ringtone style or they can be any kind of message you choose.

Call tones will allow you to choose what your callers will hear, when they call you!

Your call tones change the way a call sounds, to your callers.
Your personalised call tones let them know they've dialled the right number, before you even answer the phone!

Call tones also allow a richer choice of audio clips than ring tones because your call tones are stored in and delivered over your mobile phone company's network. They include original recordings, not just simple tone sequences.
Your callers will hear your call tones in full fidelity, no matter what phone they call you from.

You don't download call tones to your phone, they are supplied by your call tones provider at the exchange, and whenever anyone calls your phone, they will hear the call tones you've selected for them to hear. Different call tones can be set for each person who calls your phone.

Call tones Leverage

Call tones can also leverage the market of downloadable ring tones.
All ringtone users are potential new call tones customers. People who already spend money on ringtones are more than likely to also spend money on call tones 

All ringtone suppliers and ringtone affiliates, should also be offering call tones, to increase their revenues from mobile phone users.


When you are searching the Internet for call tones, not all suppliers actually refer to them as call tones. Some of the other terms you'll have to search for are...

  • Ring Back Tones (Ringback Tones)
  • Call Back Tones (Callback Tones)
  • Caller Ringtones
  • Answer Tones
  • Caller Tunes
  • Dial Tunes
  • My Caller Tones

Using the above search terms, you should find the call tones you're looking for, especially if the call tones suppliers are using one of these alternative descriptions.

Good Luck in your search.

Call tones are actually more versatile than ringtones.